Human Growth Hormone Capsules

Used for: Weight reduction and strengthen and tone muscles.  May help with aging.  HGH is responsible for the manufacture of protein and determines where and how amino acids are used in the body.  It is responsible for the growth of long bones, skin and organs as well as stimulating the immune system.  Assists with sports performance.


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Dosage: Take 4-8 Capsules daily before bed. Always on an empty stomach.

Packaging: 60 Capsules in a glass Container.

Ingredients / Amount per capsule:

L-Ornithine  – 135.4mg
Tribulus  – 113mg
L-Arginine  – 70mg
L-Glutamine  – 63mg
L-Lysine  – 40mg
GABA  – 34mg
Vitamin B3  – 20mg
Colostrum  – 10mg
Vitamin B6  – 10mg
L-Glycine  – 3mg

Capsule – Vegetarian / halal Certified

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