History of Ozone


Werner von Siemens was the first to develop an ozone generator in Germany.


C. Lender is reported to have used ozone to purify blood.


Dr. Kellogg of the Battle Creek Sanatorium used ozone as a disinfectant, as recorded in his book on diphtheria.


Florida Medical Association published ‘Ozone’ by Charles J. Kenworthy, MD. Therapeutic uses of ozone were dealt with.


Ousbaden, in the Netherlands was the first to install an ozone water purification plant. Today more than 3000 municipalities around the world have followed their example.


Nicola Tesla patented his first ozone generator. He sold ozone generators for medical use. Not only is Germany the centre for giant pharmaceutical companies, but also a centre for ozone therapy along with Russia and Cuba.


Thauerkauf and Luth opened the Institute for Oxygen Therapy in Berlin. Their system involved injecting ozone. Dr. Benedict Lust, who founded Naturopathy, wrote many books and articles on ozone therapy. His practise was in New York.


Nicola Tesla formed the Tesla Ozone Company selling ozone generators to physicians for Medical Ozone Therapy. He also produced ozonated olive oil that he sold to naturopaths.


Ozonated water is described in J. Clark’s ‘A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica’. Here ozonated water is used to treat anaemia, cancer, canker sores, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, strychnine poisoning and whooping cough.


Dr. Noble Eberhart, head of the Loyola University wrote of treating anaemia, asthma, bronchitis, chlorosis, diabetes, gout, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, syphilis, tinnitus, tuberculosis and whooping cough.


Dr. Blass and associates formed the Eastern Association for Oxygen Therapy. Gangrene, poisonous gas effects, trench foot and wounds were treated with ozone during World War 1.


Cervical cancer, colon cancer and decubitis ulcers were treated by Dr. A. Wolf in Berlin during World War 1.


Dr. Charles Neiswanger of the Chicago Hospital College of Medicine wrote a book called ‘Electro Therapeutical Practice’ and one of the chapters was called ‘Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent’.


Dr. Otto Warburg (Kaiser Institute, Berlin) announces that the primary cause of cancer is low cellular oxygen levels.


114 diseases and their treatment with ozone was published in the book ‘Ozone and its Therapeutic Action’, the authors were the heads of many of Americas leading hospitals.


Dr. Otto Warburg wins the Nobel Prize for medicine because of his work on cell respiration.


Swiss dentist E. A. Finch begins using ozone in dentistry and introduces it to German dentists.


Things began to change when the pharmaceutical companies realized that ozone was basically free, which conflicted with the profits they wanted to make selling synthetic drugs. Dr. Simmons of the American Medical Association set out to discredit all medical systems that conflicted with drug therapy. From that time ozone went from being a leading mainstream medical treatment with virtually no side effect to a therapy that has been suppressed for financial gain.


Dr. Otto Warburg receives his second Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on cellular oxygen. No other person has ever received the Nobel Medicine prize twice.


Many doctors have used ozone as a therapy including Dr. Turska who wrote an article called ‘Oxidation’ that is still read today. Dr. Turska pioneered injecting ozone into the portal vein, thus directly reaching the liver.


Dr. Hans Wolff wrote the book ‘Medical Ozone’ and trained many doctors in ozone usage. Over the past 46 years Germany has been a leading country in the use of medical ozone, after Dr. Hansler patented an ozone generator. Over 7000 doctors use ozone therapy daily in Germany.


Dr. Hans Wolff and Dr. Hansler found the Medical Ozone Society.


Dr. Renate Viebahn constructed an overview of the operation of ozone in the body.


Dr. G. Freibott was one of the first doctors to treat AIDS with ozone. Dr’s Rilling and Viebahn produced ‘The Use of Ozone in Medicine’, which has become one of the most important works on ozone.


Science Volume 209: 931-933 the USA peer reviewed scientific journal published: Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth’. It concluded that human cells have mechanisms that defend against ozone damage. The authors were M. S. Kao, S Lee and F. Sweet of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, WA, University School of Medicine, St Louis, along with W. Hager of the St Louis Air Pollution Control.


The sixth World Ozone Conference was heal where a medical doctor listed 33 major diseases that had been successfully treated with ozone: AIDS, Arteriosclerosis, Herpes, Hepatitis, Mononucleosis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Gangrene, Cardiovascular Disease, High Cholesterol, Cancerous tumours, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Rheumatoid and other arthritis and Allergies. Improvement was noted on Multiple Sclerosis, Ameliorate, Alzheimer’s disease, Senility, Parkinson’s disease, Proctitis, Colitis, Prostate, Yeast and Fungal infections, Trichomoniasis, and Cystitis. Externally it was used for Acne, burns, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema and fungus.


The Use of Ozone in Medicine’ was published by Dr. Rilling and Dr. Viebahn and has become an important document on the subject.


Associated Press reported that ozone inhibits AIDS symptoms. Ozone stops the HIV virus from multiplying and leaves cells undamaged according to a report by Dr. Kenneth Wagner, while Dr. Steven Kleinman called for further experimentation. Associated Press also reported that Chief of Rehabilitation Services, San Francisco VA Hospital, Dr. Carpendalee had found that ozone controlled diarrhea and may hinder the HIV virus.


Basil Earl Wainwright converted HIV+ blood into HIV- in 16 seconds in vitro. Biotest Labs was founded in Miami, Florida by Basil Earl Wainwright.


Dr’s. Wells, Latino, Galvachin and Poiesz carried out 15 replications of one study that interfaced ozone with HIV infected factor 8 blood. I want to know about the exact cost to study a masters or mba in germany. It completely removed the HIV virus 97 to 100% of the time, yet was non toxic to normal blood components. This was reported in the Journal of American Society of Haematology under the title: Inactivation of the HIV Type 1 by Ozone in Vitro appears in Blood Journal, Volume 78 Number 7, October 11, 1991, page 1882, 27. October 1 1991


The Russians released information on their techniques for treating burns using ozone bubbled through brine.


Dr. Sartori and Er-Wen Yuan published ‘Ozone the Eternal Purifier of the Earth and Cleanser of all Living Beings’. This book summarised much of the work done with ozone and provided much new information.


Nathaniel Altman published ‘Oxygen Healing Therapies: For Optimum Health & Vitality’ and ‘The Oxygen Prescription’.


Charles C. Ankeney’s book ‘The Breath of Life’ was released. In 1990’s Dr. Bob Beck devised a system in America utilizing ozone, electro-therapy, colloidal silver and pulsed magnetism. AIDS, cancer and many viral conditions have been successfully treated.


Ozone a New Medical Drug’ was published by Professor Bocci.


Ed McCabe published his popular and informative book ‘Flood your Body with Oxygen’. Pavel L. Yutsis publishes ‘Oxygen to the Rescue’.


Basil Earl Wainwright died in Malaysia. ‘The Oxygen Revolution’ published by Paul G. Harch, MD. , and Virginia McCullough which deals with hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Over 300 municipalities around the world use ozone to purify their water resulting in pure healthy and pure water as opposed to non ozone systems that contain high chemical levels. After more than 125 years of usage many countries and states recognise ozone therapy, for instance: Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania and the Russian


In the USA, recently passed Alternative Therapy Legislation has made ozone therapy an option in some states. In Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington physicians can legally use ozone treatments in their practices without fear of prosecution. In South Africa Ozone Therapy is gaining popularity with many practitioners carrying out daily procedures. Worldwide over 5 000000 procedures have been monitored with side effects in only. 007% of the cases. This makes ozone one of the safest procedures known to man.