History of Radionics

The History of Radionics?

Radionics is a healing modality that uses quantum entanglement, energy, information and consciousness. It all began with Dr. Albert Abrams (1863 – 1924). He discovered and began the development of the techniques that became known as Radionics. Abrams a medical doctor, began his work whilst practicing medicine in Calafornia during the late 19 hundereds.

Albert Abrams Early Work

Albert Abrams first studied German and then received his medical degree at the young age of 16. Unable to practice in the USA as a medical doctor because of his adolescent status. Off to Germany he went where he obtained a second medical degree. Back in the USA he was appointed professor of pathology and then Director of Clinical Medicine at Leland Stanford University, California. As a recognized expert in diseases of the nervous system he authored 12 Medical Textbooks. Abrams became skilled in percussion, a common diagnostic practice of the time. A patient presented with an epithelioma of the lip and when he tapped on the stomach, instead of the normal hollow sound a strange dull sound was heard. There was no other pathology present and it was found that the dull sound was linked to the epithelioma of the lip. It was then discovered that the dull percussion was linked to all cancer. He discovered that different areas were linked to other clinical conditions. Abrams postulated that some form of radiation from the condition, must be affecting the muscles in the area that he was percussing. He reasoned that if the pathology was radiating and affecting distant muscles, that if the patient with the condition came into contact with a healthy person it would have the same effect. After much experimentation he found that the diseased tissue had an effect on a healthy third person. He also established that if both the patient and healthy person stood on copper plates connected with wire the effect was still present. Abrams recorded the sounds that related to different diseases conditions and disorders. These audio reactions became known as the Electronic Reaction of Abrams (ERA)

‘Rates’ may be expressed as a mathematical formula and relate to both the diseased states as well as the healing modalities such as general healing, herbal, homeopathic, colour, and frequency. These are known as ‘Radionic Rates’ and books of these are constantly updated and revised by supsequent researchers.

Abrams developed the Oscilloclast. This machine transmitted the frequency of the condition to the diseased tissue. The frequencies were transmitted back to the diseased tissue until the patient was ‘clear’ of electronic reactions.

Abrams developed a system for diagnosing medical conditions using their energetic profile and then correcting those states by returning their frequencies or vibrations.

Abrams accepted that the most sensitive instrument available was the human nervous system. The radiesthetic faculty is the basis for Radionics which has resulted in the ‘stick pad’ largely being replaced by the pendulum.

Abrams research in the USA became controversial when it suggested that:

  • Disease could be studied as radiating energy rather than cellular imbalance.
  • Radiating energy from diseased tissue could be detected after it had traveled along a wire and through a healthy person.
Radionics History

As amazing and groundbreaking as the diagnostic system was there was still a problem. Cancer and syphilis gave reactions in exactly the same area. Thinking that the ‘radiation’ from the diseased tissue was electrical in nature he introduced a resistance-box. Radionics BoxThis resistance box solved the problem. Syphilis gave a reaction when 55 ohms was present and cancer when 50 ohms was in the system. I was then possible to differentiate between the different conditions by changing the resistance in the circuit. The ‘rate’ came about depending on the electrical resistance of the condition. Abrams realized that some of the patients were too sick for Abram to pound on. He then found that if he placed a spot of blood, and not the patient, on the copper plate that the method still worked. Today the patients hair or finger or toenail and even a photograph is normally used. These ‘witnesses’ provide an exact energy replica of the patient.

Development of Radionics over the Years



The British medical community rejected Radionics. Individuals carried out their own research, one example was Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) (Bach Flower Remedies) who tested Abrams Box. His results are described in Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach by Nora Weeks 1940. 25 tests of Abrams discoveries were carried out in London and Glasgow by the research committee supervised by Sir Thomas Horder. All 25 tests confirmed Abrams work.


Chiropractor, Dr. Ruth Drown,(1891 – 1965) based in Hollywood, California, replaced the human subject with the persons hair or blood. She developed the ERA by removing the human subject. There were 2 circuits, 1 an ‘assessment circuit’ and the other a ‘treatment circuit.’ By removing the human subject Dr. Drown was able to diagnose and treat any person, no matter what the distance. Today this system is called ‘radionic projections’, however she called the technique ‘broadcasting.’ Going against the Medical Established always carries with it risks and her work was challenged. Dr Drown passed on in 1966, her health had been affected by the constant attacks.


In 1949, electrical engineer Thomas Galen Hieronymus (1895 – 1988) received the only patent for a Radionics machine. He published ‘how to build these machines’ in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines. People all over the world began to build their own Radioncs machines. This was one of the most important things to happen to Radionics and most probably saved the modality from obscurity.


Gradually interest and acceptance of Radionics in the UK grew because of the work of pioneers in the field such as Dr. W. Guyon Richards, George De La Warr, and Lavender Dower. More and more conventional doctors began to utilise this modality. David Tansley, (1934 – 1988) an American Chiropractor, traveled to the UK and joined the Radionic Association. Tansley caused much controversy when he introduced Eastern Philosophy to Western Radionics. Unfortunately adding Eastern Mysticism to the science based modality of Radionics fueled the skeptics fervour.


During the 1970s David Tansley was a prolific author of Radionic books. Including: David Tansley, “Subtle Anatomy of Man” 1972 David Tansley, “Radionics: A Patients Guide” 1985 Dimensions of Radionics: Techniques of Instrumented Distant-Healing The shift was beginning from analogue to digital technology which saved much time and effort when it came to diagnosis and treatment.


In South Africa, engineer, Philip Nel, (1956 -) developed and produced the Intrinsic Data Field, IDF Balancer, a unique, groundbreaking, and simple Radionic device. This device opened up Radionics to everybody.

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