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How do I clear the instrument after use and how do I balance myself?

The balancer design includes an electro magnet to erase the IDF memory device. This pulsating magnetic field is strong enough to clear the entire instrument of any residual IDF and is automatically done at the start of every balancing sequence. You can however also use any magnet and move it in a circle above the Witness plate to clear the plate if you feel it needs more clearing. (You cannot over-clear it)

The erase or clearing action of a magnet on any aether energy was discovered by Gail Hieronymus and confirmed with detailed experiments. This also works on all crystals.

Due to the 5th dimension connections made between the balancer operator and the witness during any balancing session, it is strongly suggested that the operator balances him/her self on a daily basis to open any energy flow blockages and remove any negative energy from their IDF if present.

The balancer should also be used to clear the buildings where the balancer is situated by using a Google Earth photo of the buildings and placing it on the witness plate. The intent is then added to remove all the energy blockages and to change the buildings IDF to manifest as the absence of all negative energy.

It is also good practice for the balancer operator to ground themselves at least once a day. This can be done by sampling walking bare feet on grass or with a simple gadget that connects a wire to the EARTH pin of a 3-pin 15A mains plug. THIS gadget may be deadly if not manufactured by a skilled person.

Is it possible to write down the intent and use with the balancer?

Radionics operators all accept the fact that writing down any intent has the same effect as thinking or saying it. The intent can thus be written down but must only be added to the witness photo when the Balance witness LED flashes as adding it from the start will transfer the inverse of the intent to the witness which is not desirable.

Could I add a crystal to “boost” the outcome of the balancer?

The balancer is not a passive device and is powered with electronic components as amplifiers. There is thus no need to add crystals to “boost” the energy. Adding a crystal will however do no harm as long as it has been cleared of all residual aether energy. See Question 1 for info on clearing crystals. After clearing the crystals should also be energised by placing it in the sun or exposing it to the full moon.

When should I clean the witness plate?

It is good practice to clean the Witness plate if DNA (hair or nail) samples are used but wiping it once a day should be sufficient.

Can I make homeopathic remedies with the balancer?

For the balancer remedy means to restore the IDF of the Witness, while for homeopaths remedy means their homeopathic drops. A full blown radionics instrument as displayed in the Marty video can be used to make remedies. The balancer has been optimised for IDF balancing and cannot be used to make traditional homeopathic remedies. A dedicated remedy maker design is in process.

What is the balancing duration?

The balancing duration is set as default to 10 minutes but can be programmed between 5 and 240 minutes. This is the duration that starts after pressing the START button for the 2nd time after the blue Balance Witness LED is flashing.

Intent can be added any time after the flashing blue LED and if the START button is not pressed for the 2nd time, the balancing will continue until instrument is powered down. This is the way to have constant balancing if required.

When does one add intent?

Intent can be added with the operator anywhere in the universe as there is a spiritual connection between the operator and the balancer. The only condition is that the blue LED must be flashing.

How many different intents can be included in one balancing session?

There is no limit to the number of different intents that can be added to a balancing session, however it is recommended to start with one at a time to hone ones intent skills and then add (intents) as one becomes more comfortable with the process.

Can “witness” be substituted with an actual name?

If the witness is an animal or human, their actual name may be used in place of “witness”

Can the balancing session be stopped before the default duration?

The transfer of the balance and intent to the witness is instantaneous, so the 10 or 20 minute period is not fixed. A session can be stopped at any time after adding the intent. Use your intuition to guide you when sufficient balancing time has been allowed. Remember that the controlling field is being balanced and therefore the manifestation may take more time.

Can other appliances affect the working of the balancer?

Only very strong magnetic fields can influence the balancer, thus using the balancer near normal appliances will have no effect.

Is one balancing session sufficient for vaccinated and boosted witnesses?

The cancelling of the effects of vaccinations and boosters happens at higher consciousness levels. As long as we start the process with intent the rest will be taken care of, even if it was only done once.

How do you remove the residual effects of general jabs (vaccines) for children?

Marina Jacobi provided codes from the Council of 9 to remove all effects of the Covid-19 jabs and boosters. These are however very specific and it is my understanding that the codes will not work for all jabs.
Specific intent can be used to remove the residual effects of standard children jabs as follows:
“For the Highest Good, balance (child’s name) to remove all energy blockages and change the IDF to manifest as: (child’s name) experiencing the total absence of residual effects of all injected substances since birth. I am grateful for the best possible outcome of the balancing session”

Is it necessary to sit and hold the intent during the balancing?

The beauty of radionics technology is that once the intent has been added, the operator can carry on with normal day-to-day activities because the instrument will hold and transfer the balanced IDF and intent to the witness.

Does the age of the witness photo play a role?

The age of the photo of the witness does not play a role because the latest IDF information is transferred from the witness to the photo as soon as it is observed by the operator. (This magic feature is not accepted by main stream science)

How often can a witness be balanced per day?

It is not possible to over-balance a witness and therefore there are no limits to how many times per day a balance can be done. I use the general guideline of Homoeopaths that recommend three times per day. Once again let your intuition guide you.

Can different photos and DNA samples be kept together in the same box?

You can store DNA samples and photos in one box as the new IDF information will override the old data (even if contaminated) once the operator places it on the witness plate and observes it.


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