Ozone & Disease

How Ozone works to inhibit disease

Once the ozone has entered the body it quickly attaches itself to diseased cells. Parasites attach themselves to healthy cells causing them to become weakened. Due to this weakening of the healthy cell’s ‘lipid envelope’ or cell wall, lower levels of enzymatic activity are registered.

Because the cell wall or protein coating is damaged the extra oxygen molecules attach to the damaged cells. Both the damaged cell and the oxygen are then dissolved and flushed from the system. Healthy cells are unaffected by this process. The damaged cells are said to be anaerobic, in other words they are unable to live in an oxygen rich environment.

Why Ozone is about 1400 times more effective than Oxygen.

Oxygen consists of two oxygen atoms (O2), making a very stable gas. When Activated Oxygen or ozone is formed a third oxygen atom attaches itself to the two stable oxygen atoms.

A very unstable gas is formed (O3). The third oxygen atom is attached very loosely to the stable oxygen molecule. Once the ozone comes into contact with a damaged cell the third oxygen atom is able to detach itself from the oxygen and begin the oxidizing process. The cause of cancer.

It is quite clear that the link between a lack of oxygen and disease has been firmly established. A lack of oxygen can result in a whole host of problems, from fatigue through to terminal illnesses. In 1931 and again in 1944 Dr. Otto Warburg was presented with the Nobel Prize for medicine, the only person to have won this converted award twice. 

The reason that he was awarded this prize twice was because he had discovered the cause of cancer. He made this statement ‘Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body cells by anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration.

A healthy body cell burns sugar to create energy utilising oxygen, once the oxygen available to the cell drops below 60% the cell is forced to switch to fermentation, an inferior method of energy production. The cell loses its governor for replication, and never returns to the correct oxidation system. 

The next stage is that the cell begins to multiply uncontrollably, commonly known as cancer. Dr. Warburg stated that any substance was carcinogenic if it deprived a cell of oxygen, without immediately killing it. In 1966 he said that there was no point in looking for new carcinogens, as the damage that each one caused was the same, a deprivation of oxygen at the cellular level. He also stated that because the cause of cancer was a lack of oxygen at the cellular level the incessant search for new carcinogens was counterproductive and hindered the appropriate treatment.

Oxygen the most important element for human life.

Flood your body with oxygen

When you can’t get oxygen into your lungs, your life ends. Oxygen without any doubt is the most vital element required for your life. Your lungs collect oxygen as you breathe. Blood then transports the oxygen from the lungs to the cells. 

Any lung problems mean that in years to come you will experience a loss of vitality. Once the cells receive the oxygen they are able to convert minerals into the organic pattern for the many parts of the body. These parts of course include connective tissues, membranes, muscles and nerves. 

We as human beings are only able to survive about five minutes without oxygen. It is possible to survive without water for a few days, and without food for some weeks. This most certainly illustrates the essential need for oxygen. Without oxygen there is no life. Without oxygen your body is unable to perform any functions. 

Heat and energy are generated from fuel (sugar) and wastes and microbes are disposed of by oxidisation. Our bodies are composed of 70-80% water. Ten percent of this water (pure distilled) is in the blood with the other ninety percent in the lymph. Humans are therefore 50% oxygen if one considers that water is 8/9ths oxygen by weight.

Oxygen Therapies have been in use medically for over 100 years. Ultimately toxicity collects within the body over time. This build up of toxicity can have physical, emotional, and behavioural co-factors, which must be addressed. The build up of toxicity within the body invites the proliferation of anaerobic disease causing micro organisms. Oxygen therapies are used to flood the body with active forms of oxygen, it reaches a state of purity wherein the disease micro organisms like HIV are killed, and the underlying toxicity is oxidized and eliminated.

One of the most important methods of obtaining optimised health is to dramatically increase cellular oxygen. If every cell in our bodies is filled with oxygen then more energy will be produced, and waste will be eliminated more efficiently. As sugar is oxidised so energy is produced and on this good health is based. Without the necessary oxygen in the cells fermentation takes place. Assimilation, circulation, digestion, waste elimination, metabolism and respiration require oxidation to take place.

The blood is purified because of the oxygen that it contains. Cellular waste build up is eliminated more efficiently because of this. When ozone is ingested for extended periods of time the arteries are cleaned out due to the oxidizing affect that it has on plaque build up. Once the blood is cleaned properly blood pressure should be restored to normal. High concentrations of oxygen in the blood (ozone) reduces clumping of red blood cells, as can be witnessed under a dark field microscope. This is achieved because the electrical charge of the blood cell membranes is changed, decreasing their ability to absorb oxygen thus releasing it to the tissues.

Once these red blood cells are able to flow freely they tend to accumulate oxygen in the lungs far more efficiently. These free flowing blood cells are then able to flow through the many fine blood capillaries reaching every area of the body. Ozone destroys any anaerobic pathogens, for instance algae, viruses, bacteria yeast, protozoa, carcinomas and fungi on contact, and also breaks down harmful chemicals into safer less damaging molecules. 

Pathogens are unable to live in high concentrations of oxygen. Scientific studies have shown that medical ozone repeatedly introduced to the body is one of the foremost methods of super oxygenation.

EIS Preventative Scanning

Have You Been Checked Yet?

Do you want to know what is happening in your body? Detecting serious disease early could save your life. As the old adage goes; a stitch in time saves nine. Natra-Heal Clinic utilizes the the latest ‘state of the art’ EIS Body Scan System that is able to detect heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hormonal disorders and many other conditions before any symptoms are present.

The system is non invasive and is not claustrophobic. The results are immediate and you can start your treatment programme right away. The EIS Body Scan System has been proven in hospitals in Europe and the USA.



For only R350.00 you can find out the following:

Body composition analysis

  • Organ modeling
  • Blood/urine analysis
  • pH Balance
  • Organ analysis
  • Origins of pain, inflammation & infections
  • Hormonal levels

You could pay up to R6000.00 for equivalent tests

  • Brain chemistry analysis
  • Mineral levels
  • Free radical levels
  • Status of body organs/glands
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Therapy effectiveness

NES Infoceuticals

Since Peter Fraser’s revolutionary discovery of the human body-field (HBF), NES Health has supported many people in addressing issues and concerns relating to their health and well-being. The body-field represents the general state of your overall physical and emotional condition and distortions in this field can cause disharmony in your life.

Correction of these distortions can support and encourage a more balanced and healthier life experience. What are Infoceuticals? NES Infoceuticals are energetic remedies that have been ‘encoded’ or ‘imprinted’ with bio-information to directly correct distortions in your body-field. This information is delivered using cutting-edge imprinting technology developed at our R&D centre.

NES Infoceuticals each contain filtered water and plant-derived micro-minerals. They interact directly with the human body-field to help address blockages correlated to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins. Working with these blockages helps to restore the body’s balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities. Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy to use.
The Professional Infoceutical Range

The professional range of Infoceuticals are only available to qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and therapists who have completed training in the NES Health system of healthcare.

In the professional range there are five main categories of Infoceutical:

Big Field Aligners
These help to align your body-field with the Earth’s natural fields and forces, which is important for establishing overall well-being. Proper Big Field alignment is also crucial for the accuracy of future NES scans.
Energetic Drivers (EDs)
These are designed to properly power your body-field so that it can efficiently coordinate the complex functions of your physical body and enhance your overall energy and vitality.
Energetic Integrators (EIs)
These help to clear any distortions from the information pathways that your body uses to work properly. They help balance both the energy flow through acupuncture meridians and the clarity of mental functions and emotional communication.
Energetic Terrains (ETs)
These are designed to re-establish healing messages and activate energetic immunity within your body-field.
Energetic Stars (ESs)
These are used in cases where there are major bioenergetic blockages correlated to your body’s metabolic pathways and survival mechanisms.
Taking the Infoceuticals
You take the Infoceuticals by dispensing the required number of drops into a glass of water, allowing 10 minutes between taking each different Infoceutical. Infoceuticals can be used with other kinds of drinks and with foods or nutritional supplements. You also can take them while using other types of health programmes.

NES miHealth

Through its pioneering work with medical doctors and acupuncture therapists over the last decade, NES Health has not only discovered – and mapped – the human body field but it has also managed to integrate this ground-breaking knowledge with the principles of energy information. The latest innovation from NES Health is the new miHealth, a hand held, pocket sized device which is providing an excellent entry point for both professional therapists and practitioners into the exciting world of 21st century healthcare offered by NES Health. Used by a growing group of doctors and therapists around the world, the NES miHealth is being hailed as an exciting breakthrough in the world of optimum health and wellbeing. Using a range of software applications and functions, the intelligent NES miHealth activates the body’s self-healing capabilities. It uses  and magnetic fields to deliver the information your body needs to return to a natural state – from which all healing begins. Comfortable to hold and simple to use, the NES miHealth comes with a measurement and dose function together with a full colour touch screen – which makes it easy to choose the appropriate programme for each individual client session. The NES miHealth is set to be the next generation in healthcare…

Unlike any of its competitors, the NES miHealth combines three technologies – , and. As a result, the device is capable of transmitting bio information to the body at frequencies that match specific parts of the body, resulting in quicker and more effective treatments for clients. The link between biology and traditional Chinese medicine has been formally established by NES Health – and the organisation’s researchers have identified that the human body field is a highly structured network of energy and information fields, which act as a master control system for the physical body. As a consequence, it is now evident that to be healthy, the body’s energy fields must be functioning harmoniously – if their natural balance is disturbed, health consequently suffers. The NES miHealth is able to detect disturbances within the human body field – and, unlike any other similar devices on the market – it is also capable of transmitting bio information () to the body at frequencies that match specific bones, muscles, joints and other parts of the body. This means that effectively, the body is provided with a map of how to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Thanks to the NES miHealth, the future of healthcare is set to change. The NES miHealth is easy to use…

The easy to use NES miHealthSimple to use, the NES miHealth is a compact, hand held, electronic, multi-functional instrument which can be used both on and off the body to promote better health and wellbeing. It’s a huge investment, so be sure it aligns with your call short and long term plan. Additionally, it can also be used to stimulate specific points on the body, helping it to come back to balance, enabling it to begin the self-healing process. Operating as a platform for a range of successful and proven technologies in healthcare, the NES miHealth comes with a number of pre-set functions which you can tailor specifically to your client’s needs, helping them improve their energy levels, wellbeing and performance. During a session,- which generally lasts between 2 – 30 minutes, the non-invasive NES miHealth is either gently stroked over the body or used off the body in “broadcast” mode. The client experiences nothing more than a mild tingling – and after the session, clients can expect to feel more relaxed. Finally, in a major improvement from other devices in the market, the NES miHealth can be easily connected to a computer, which means that software updates and additional upgrades can readily be accommodated as they are developed.

What Sets NES Theory Apart?

The theory underlying the NES ProVision and Infoceuticals is truly one of a kind – the most comprehensive understanding of body-field dynamics to date.

NES gets to the heart of the bioenergetic reality of the body. Many biotechnologies rely on detecting distorted frequencies in cells or organs and then sending a corrective signal in the form of sound, light, magnetics and such. But if the body-field is distorted, then the body cannot hold those corrective frequencies. Eventually, they will become distorted again. Any correction, therefore, is usually short term.

NES is different. We are not trying to dictate to the body. Instead, we are working at a deeper level – with the body’s master control system, the body-field. We directly correct the information and energy network of the body-field, which in turn helps restore the body’s own self-healing capacities. Once the body-field is corrected, the body knows what to do, when, and how in order to return to its natural state of well-being.

After nearly thirty years of research, NES has ‘mapped’ the body-field in great detail, correlating its energy and information channels to thousands of biological and physiological functions. NES theory represents a true integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern biology.

How Does A ProVision Scan Work?

Our scan returns thousands of results, sorted and prioritized according to the severity of the body-field distortion.  The scan itself is quick and non-invasive. Your client simply places his or her hand on the input device and the scan is complete in minutes.

ProVision acts like a body-field GPS. With a GPS, you input your starting point and desired destination point, and the GPS calculates all the routes that will get you there. It then returns the one that is the most direct and quickest depending on road conditions and other parameters, many of which, like construction and detours, that you cannot even know about.

ProVision is the first ‘GPS’ for the body-field. Here’s how:

  1. Your client has a starting point: his or her health condition at the moment of the scan. This is encoded as information and energy in his or her body-field
  2. Your client’s destination point is the conscious intention to heal, perhaps for overall healing or perhaps of addressing a specific condition.
  3. The scan assesses the body-field, noting its distortions and blockages. It prioritizes these according to NES theory: we have discovered that there is a ‘preferred sequence’ to healing which when followed allows the body to recover in the deepest, most lasting yet quickest way. The scan accounts for this preferred sequence and calculates many other variables and returns the best ‘healing route’ at this moment in time for your client.
  4. The results include the recommended Infoceuticals, which provide corrective information directly to the body-field to correct distortions.

Quality Training and Clinical Support

Provision Screen DeviceProvision Screen DeviceOur commitment to excellence in innovation carries over to our dedication to your training. Training in the ProVision to the “certified” level is included in the purchase price of your system. There are two levels of training, the first is several days of classroom training in a small-group setting with a certified instructor, followed by an online training program where you work at your own pace in conjunction with a certified instructor.

NES ProVision also provides everything you need to have a successful consultation with your clients, no matter what your area of speciality.

  • Automatic Treatment Recommendations. A ProVision scan identifies priority areas for improvement using the NES Infoceuticals and makes recommendations for miHealth therapy zones, NEStrition supplements, and more.
  • Scan and Consultation Reports. ProVision puts a full range of reports and scheduling documents at your fingertips, including Infoceutical protocol forms with usage instructions, descriptions of the Infoceuticals and NEStrition supplements, information sheets for home use, and a schedule for follow-up consultations.
  • Computer Tools. ProVision features fully interactive graphical displays and comprehensive video and text Help files (with translation into several languages) that explain everything you need to know to understand the scan results and discuss them with your clients. It also includes a communication tool to stimulate discussion between you and your client.
  • Technical and Clinical Support.  Support via email and telephone is provided through the local distributor. (Offerings may vary from country to country.)