Zeolite Ingredient

Zeolite is a complex mineral which forms in the contact of volcanic lava and water. This process can take thousands or even millions of years; scientists estimate that the first zeolite minerals formed over 300 million years ago.

Zeolite is the best detox to remove heavy metals and any possible graphene oxide from the body. This is because the zeolite has a perfect cage like honeycomb structure with a natural negative charge that actually attracts the heavy metals and graphene oxide toxins that have a positive charge to bind them into the cages of the Zeolite like a magnet. The heavy metals and graphene oxide are then trapped into the cages of the zeolite.

They are then carried all the way out of the body with the zeolite without releasing any of these toxins to be reabsorbed back in to the body as other detox products do. The act of binding these positive charged toxins into a negative charged natural mineral structure is called chelation.

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