Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution (Liquid)

Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution is used for: Hypochlorous Acid has disinfectant properties, kills pathogens, reduces inflammation, and eliminated biofilm. For upper respiratory and lung infections.


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Dosage: Nebulize with 5ml for 10 minutes 2-3 times daily.

Packaging: 100ml Liquid in a glass bottle.

Hypochlorous Acid 100%

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4 reviews for Hypochlorous Acid Nebulising Solution (Liquid)

  1. Jan Oosthuizen

    Jan Oosthuizen

    I was tested positive for the Covid 19 virus and had a lot of mucus in the lungs, after starting to nebulize with Hypochlorous Acid nebulising solution, the mucus came loose and I couched it out, the mucus that came out was very sticky and difficult to get from my lungs, this product works to get mucus loose and out of the lungs.

  2. Jan Oosthuizen

    Jan Oosthuizen

    I was Covid positive and had a lot of mucus in my lungs, I nebulize with Hypochlorous Acid, and it all (sticky slyme) came loose and out, THIS PRODUCT WORKS

  3. yvonne


    I absolutely loved nebulising with this product when I had bad ‘flu. It was really soothing!

  4. Malusi


    Lung problem

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