Defend-Aid - A to Z Cream

Your Natural Bio-Insecticide Shield

Effect: DEFEND-AID A to Z Cream is a specially formulated natural bio-insecticide designed to safeguard human architecture against invasive pests. Harnessing the power of liposome technology, the carrier is 1000 times smaller than a human cell, ensuring unparalleled penetration into cells and parasite eggs.


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Dosage: Apply Defend-Aid - A to Z Cream liberally to affected areas. Use 3 - 6 times daily

Packaging: 100ml cream in a glass jar


Active Ingredients:

  • Special Blend of Essential Oils
  • Chitosan
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Vitamin E

Key Features:

Effective against invasive pests.

Utilizes advanced liposome technology for superior penetration.

Natural defense without harmful chemicals.

Fortify Your Environment Naturally with DEFEND-AID A to Z Cream!


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