Theriac venezian

Theriac venezian is a perennial plant widely distributed over Europe and Asia. Roots of this plant, together with those of closely related P. major (L.) Hudson, have been used in herbal medicine for their expectorant, broncho secretolytic and anti-phlogistic properties.
As a key ingredient in Swedish Bitters (“Schwedenbitter” in German) which is an herbal elixir popularized by the Austrian herbalist Maria Treben,
In Europe, its root is used in several bronchial remedies, bone and joint health formulas and in remedies for improving circulation. In folk tradition, the root was used to prevent or relieve coughs and as a mild expectorant in bronchitis. Studies show that it has expectorant and cough suppressant activity. Infusions of the roots are widely used to treat bronchitis, hoarseness and sore throat.

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