Methylene Blue

Methylene blu, an inhibitor of Nitric Oxide synthase (iNOS) and and guanylate cyclase has many uses that may include improved hypotension, hypoxia and hyper dynamic circulation in cirrhosis as well as hepatopulminory syndrome.

The Easier the Flow of Electrons, Facilltated by Methylene blue(MB#5) , the Less Oxidative Stress (Reductive Stress).


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Dosage: 1 drop in 150ml of water after meals, or as recommended by your health care provider.

Packaging: 50ml in a glass bottle

The determining factor for the creation of the ROS (reactive oxygen species) is the NADH to NAD + ratio. NADH being the reduced form and NAD+ the oxidized form. This ratio also controls the speed of metabolism of carbohydrates because the rate limiting step is pyruvate dehydrogenase.

When you’re in the oxidized state, in other words, NAD+ predominates, then pyruvate-dehydrogenase works well and electrons flow through the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain…
When NADH predominates, you have too many electrons … that are not meeting oxygen properly. This buildup of electrons creates these bottlenecks ,either in complex 1 or complex 3, mostly… Then something has to happen with these electrons. Two things can happen. One is increased synthesis of ROS. Second, your body uses these extra electrons to synthesize fats.

So, you can view obesity, or at least extreme obesity, as a desperate mechanism to get rid of electrons that are coming from food but are not getting processed properly. In other words, you’re not combusting the food properly. So, what happens with it? Well, you store it . That’s the only thing the body can do.
And ,by the way ,whenever you have obesity or severe overweight, you always have high amounts of ROS, because those are the only two things that the body can do with the extra electrons. It cannot simply evaporate them ,though there’s some research on grounding that [shows] you can help get rid of the excess electrons [that way]”. Georgi Dinkov Independant Health researcher.
Take Methylene Blue (MB#5) regularly for a higher metabolic rate, and easy Flow of electrons from food to oxygen and the less Oxidative stress you’re going to have.

When a cell is irradiated, something is emitted by the injured cell that transfers the same damage to non-irradiated cells – a term called a bystander effect.
By far the major facilitator of bystander effects in nitric oxide (NO). Nitric Oxide’s effects include genomic instability, genetic errors, double-strand DNA breaks, cell death (apoptosis), inflammation, and ultimately, carcinogenesis. Lowering nitric oxide with Methylene Blue (MB#5) can switch off bystander effects and halt the self-perpetuating cycle of damage.


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