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Candidiasis or thrush is an infection caused by a fungus usually of the moist areas of the skin or mucous membranes. When candidiasis occurs in the mouth or vagina it is termed ‘thrush’.


A white coating on the tongue, recurring vaginal yeast infections, digestive gas/bloating, and allergic rashes are usually major clues to an infection. Other more generalized symptoms may include canker sores, sore throat, a constant cough, cramps, bladder infections, depression, brain fog, and low immune function


Anti candida supplementation.

A strict yeast, sugar-free diet for at least 30 days should be adhered to.

Try to wear white cotton underwear to avoid increased perspiration. Avoid using oral contraceptives and corticosteroids until the condition improves.

To prevent recurring reinfections in the mouth replace your toothbrush every month.

Intravenous ozone therapy

Nutrients and supplements:
1. Candida formula – a powerful remedy that will assist in balancing the body so that Candida may be eliminated.
2. Probiotics – helps fight Candida infections
3. Quercetin & Bromelain – aids healing and reduces the effects of inflammation and allergies
4. Vit B complex – for body functions and resistance to infections
5. Olive leaf extract – a healer of microbial infections


A pH imbalance, G.I tract, and vaginal dysbiosis resulting from antibiotic use, pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, a compromised immune system, an increase in estrogen levels by taking oral contraceptives or hormone therapy.

Underlying Emotions

Feelings of anger, frustration, and resentment. Feeling deprived of love during childhood.


A strict yeast, sugar-free diet for at least 30 days should be adhered to (this includes fruit). Carbohydrates should also be limited.

Vegetables, fish, and gluten-free grains are recommended.

Avoid cheese, alcohol, fermented foods, chocolate, honey, pickles, vinegar, citrus, and acidic fruits.


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