• Synthesis of guanidinoacetic acid, polyamines and creatine.
• Stimulates the first enzyme in the urea cycle, carbamyl phosphate.
• Essential in the transport, storage, and excretion of nitrogen.

• Arginine is made in the body from glutamic acid in a series of reactions which form ornithine (an immediate precursor).
• Arginine is broken down so rapidly by urea and ornithine that the body sometimes has a difficult time keeping up the supply. Furthermore, it is generally poorly absorbed from the gut.
• Thus, it is considered a semi-essential amino acid It is required for the synthesis of guanidinoacetic acid, polyamines, and creatine.
• Its primary role, however, is involved in the urea cycle. Arginine stimulates the action of carbamyl phosphate synthetase which is the first step in the urea cyclecitrulline, aspartate and ornithine are also involved in the urea cycle and aid arginine in its function to rid the body of nitrogenous waste.

• Arginines primary function is the detoxification of urea. As mentioned above, the majority of arginine is used in urea metabolism. Arginine is involved with immunity and also in maintaining body weight during acute trauma. It is considered only semi-essential because it is made in the body from ornithine.

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