Ionic Foot Spa

Ionic  Footspa

The Treatment:

The patient’s feet are placed into the ionic footspa with the array. The array generates ions which results in an electromagnetic field in the water. This electromagnetic field electrically recharges the protein cell walls throughout the body, allowing cellular toxins out and oxygen and nutrients in. Huge numbers of negative and positive ions are generated in the water which attracts toxic waste from within the body. These toxins are drawn through the pores of the feet by the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the process of a higher concentration of ions(in the water) drawing a lower concentration (in the body) through a membrane (the skin). The ions travel through the body at high speed and attach themselves to unwanted toxins which are then eliminated through the skin.

Excessive toxins have negative and unfavorable effects on the body, including:

  • Poor skin
  • Low energy levels, lethargic
  • Colds, bronchial and sinus problems
  • Bad breath and body odour
  • Aches and pains, circulation problems

How toxic are you?

Today humankind is battling high levels of toxins in the environment. We live in areas that have high levels of pollution. We are exposed to environmental toxins such as heavy metals, including mercury and lead along with chemicals and smog on a daily basis. The foods that we eat are highly processed and contain additives that are foreign to our bodies. The result of this is that we tend to store large quantities of toxins surrounded by fat.

Foot spa at the start

After 15 minutes

After 30 minutes

The ionic foot spa removes a lifetime of accumulated toxins such as heavy metals, acids and chemicals in a few sessions that would take months by other methods. As the toxins are drawn out so the water changes colour, starting out clear and progressively becoming darker in colour. Some of the colour is from the chemical reaction in the water with the rest being toxic removal. Although it is difficult to correlate which organ the color variations relate to it is believed that the following list is fairly accurate:

  • Black or brown waterliver
  • Orange – joints
  • Dark green – gallbladder
  • Yellow/green –Kidneys, urinary tract
  • White foam- lymph node drainage
  • Red flecks – blood clot material
  • Black flecks – heavy metals

Particles that are floating in the water are from the array. What is left on top of the water and at the edges and bottom are chemical toxins that have been removed via osmosis.

Major benefits of the Ionic Foot spa

  • Removes acids, toxins and bodily waste from the body thus assisting in repairing bodily problems
  • Recharges the cells electrically so that oxygen and nutrients can enter and toxins are expelled
  • Removes heavy metal
  • Helps with the detoxification of internal organs and consequently clears bad skin (the skin is a reflection of the internal organs).
  • Deactivates Viruses,, bacteria, fungus and yeast.
  • Toxins are held by fat-positively effects weight
  • Has a positive effect on arthritis and headaches
  • Improves joint flexibility and has an anti-aging effect
  • Improves energy levels
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Speeds up injury and operation recovery time
  • Reduced edema (fluid retention) and inflammation
  • Increases cellular oxygen levels
  • Reduces pain

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